True trash pandas


What can be done.

Once a raccoon has established itself, they must be removed or forcibly deterred from the property. Trapping is a primary method of removal but not the only practice needed. Deterrents are most effective during the time just after a female has birthed her pups. Otherwise they are less effective later in the year. Exclusion is the next step in securing a home against future intrusion from raccoons and other animals. We at Pathfinder Wildlife offer many different options and methods to do it right the first time.

How are they a problem?

Raccoons raid garbage cans and dumpsters regularly, causing a problem for homes and apartments. They are strong enough to tear holes in roofing, soffits and in crawl space vents as well. When a raccoon develops a behavior habit, they will continue to do so no matter where they are located. This includes tearing up sod to search for grubs, ripping into houses to den and give birth as well as raid fish ponds and garbage cans for easy food.  Raccoons tend to carry different diseases and bacteria that can affect both humans and pets.

A bit about raccoons

Raccoons are a common backyard visitor. They are primarily a nocturnal species, visiting in the evening time. However, they have been known to be active during the daytime, while in good health. They give birth to 2-5 pups in the spring time who will stay with the female until late that year.